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Blair’s Story: Canadian Victims of OxyContin


Category: Oxycontin Lawsuit

Here’s Blair’s story and how OxyContin affected his life. If you have been affected by OxyContin you may be eligible to take part in the Canadian Class Action OxyContin Lawsuit.

OxyContin abuse has greatly damaged the lives of thousands of people in Canada. Families have been separated and lives have been lost because of the devastating effects from this dangerous drug. In fact, OxyContin’s manufacturer faced criminal charges in the U.S. and pleaded guilty in 2007, after claiming that this drug was less likely to cause addiction. Consequently, we are taking action to make things right and have filed a class action lawsuit to hold them accountable for the damage that they have caused and help Canadian families across the country. After earning more than 31 billion off the sales of OxyContin, it is time for compensation to Canadians who have suffered damages. Higgerty Law is prosecuting the manufacturers of this drug as the Class Co-Counsel.

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