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Calgary Real Estate Lawyers
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1. A real-estate lawyer has the experience and training to handle the unique issues regarding real property and problems most people can’t anticipate.

2. Your lawyer will attend the closing, process paper work, and act on your behalf to ensure the process moves along efficiently and effectively

3. Your attorney will prepare and review prior deeds and prepare a deed for the transaction to make sure there are no errors in the legal description. Even simple mistakes – misspelling and/or mislabeling can create huge issues in closing.

4. Your lawyer will review important documents, legal descriptions, loan pay off records, real-estate transfer requirements for State and local government offices, property survey, title and title insurance policies, and guide you through your transaction.

5. Your attorney will work with your Real Estate Agent and the Buyer’s attorney and agents to ensure that dates are set for the attorney review period, home inspection, title search, mortgage commitment and other contingency dates.

6. Your lawyer will review your property’s Chain of Title and insure you go into a transaction with eyes wide open with full knowledge of any issues associated with your property that you likely may not know about.

7. Your attorney will review, amend, and modify the real-estate contract during the attorney review period. Most form agreements don’t offer Sellers the protection they deserve and need.

8. By retaining a real-estate attorney NOW, they will be able to help anticipate any potential problems with your transaction well in advance of closing and begin working to rectify those issues NOW, ensuring the likelihood that you will close on time.

9. Real Estate Agents cannot advise you about the law…
A real-estate lawyer is legally authorized to counsel you on the legal questions and issues that may arise with regard to your transaction.

10. A real-estate lawyer will protect your rights and interests in the transaction… They are the only party truly on YOUR side, not motivated by sales price.

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Calgary Real Estate Lawyers
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