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Common Areas Covered

Injury support services
• Back injury
• Medical panels
• Psychological injury
• Shoulder injury

Workers Appeals
• Employer appeals consulting
• Questioning a WCB-Alberta decision
• Payment of interest on retroactive premiums appeal decisions

Claims and benefits

• Claims correspondence
• Cost of living adjustment
• T5007
• No time-lost claims
• Requesting a claim file
• Transferring claim costs
• Workplace fatalities

Employee Coverage
• Assuming responsibilities for a worker not under the Act (Deeming Order)
• Condominium corporations
• Coverage for exempt industries
• Employer-provided premises
• Employer-provided transportation
• Farming coverage
• Foreign companies
• How claims affect your premium
• Inter-provincial transportation
• Guaranteed coverage amount for personal coverage
• Out-of-province coverage
• Personal coverage
• Pooling of labour
• Student coverage
• Telecommuting
• Temporary foreign workers
• Who do I have to cover?

• WCB-Alberta Funding Policy (Policy:01-01 Part 1)
• Surplus distribution

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