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Road Rage Caught on Video Camera – Convicts Driver


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A driver with an onboard rear facing camera catches an irate driver as he unleashes road rage.  This illustrates how important it is to KEEP IT COOL!  With video cameras on many cars, you can now be convicted for your actions.

UPDATE: The Police found him:

ROad Rage Convicts Driver UPDATE

Date: December 24th, 2014
Time: 11:28 PM Pacfic Time
Location: Richmond, BC
Westbound on Williams Road, then Northbound on Railway Avenue

Just had Christmas dinner with the family, and I was headed to a friend’s house to chill / watch a movie. Driving westbound on Williams Road, completely minding my own business. This guy comes up behind me while I’m waiting for the light at No. 3 Road, and starts tailgating me aggressively for no reason. From my perspective, I could not even see his headlights anymore. I slow down to the speed limit (this is what I do with aggressive tailgaters), which pissed him off, so he starts high beaming me, and tailgating me even closer. The rest of the story is in the video, and pretty self-explanatory.

Unprovoked road rage on Christmas Eve. Don’t know if he was drunk or just looking for a fight. Continued to yell profanities at me out the window, and flipping me off. Backed off immediately once I pulled out my phone to call 911.

I have submitted an online report to the Richmond RCMP. There wasn’t anywhere I can link them the video, so I’m just waiting on a reply now. I will keep you all updates as things progess.

I ended up playing cards then watching The Interview at my friend’s place. Very funny movie, I would definitely recommend it. Filmed in Vancouver too, so we recognized a lot of the landmarks, haha

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