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Road Rage Incident Convicts Driver UPDATE


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Update video for the Christmas Eve road rage incident.

December 24, 2014:

I was involved in a road rage incident

December 25, 2014:
I submitted a online police report to the Richmond RCMP

December 30, 2014:
I receive a call from the Richmond RCMP, asking me to come in to provide a statement and the original footage

December 31, 2014:
I go into the station to give my statement, pass on my footage, and answer some questions.
The constable gave me a list of violations that I can charge the driver with. Some charges were umbrella charges (I can only choose one), while other charges could be paired.

The options were:
1. Follow Too Closely – $109 fine (3 points)
2. Drive without consideration – $196 fine (6 points)
3. Drive without due care – $368 fine (6 points)
4. Fail to dim headlamps – $81 fine (0 points)

I ended up choosing options 1 & 4 for two reasons:
1. They were the easiest to prove. If taken to court, there is solid
video evidence
2. I was told that getting 6 points on your license will affect your insurance standing. I didn’t want the driver having to pay a long term loss for one bad decision. I simply wanted him to know that actions can lead to consequenses, and to be more careful in the future.

January 12, 2015:
I received another call from the constable. He told me that he has spoken to the driver, and that the driver has admitted to all his actions that night. The tickets have been issued, and unless the driver decides to dispute them, the case is now closed.

In addition, he told me that the driver has seen the video, was extremely remorseful, and wanted to apologize for his actions.

My response to the driver (if you see this):
I found your messages after looking for them. I understand that we all have bad days, and can make the wrong decision sometimes.
I accept your apology,
and I hope that things worked out okay on your end as well.

Also, I would like to thank the Richmond RCMP, and the constable that worked with me for being extremely responsive and efficient.
I know you follow my videos, so you’ll probably see this:
Thank You 🙂


Watch original video footage:

Road Rage Caught on Video Camera – Convicts Driver

Road Rage Caught on Video Camera – Convicts Driver
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