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Fort McMurray Fire Damage Employment


Category: Insurance Claims 
Fort McMurray Recovery Jobs #AlbertaStrong 
While our thoughts are with everyone who has been influenced by this disaster that is unimaginable, and what is occurring in Northern Alberta is actually dreadful, we know from our personal experiences during and after the Calgary floods that ideas alone are not enough.

That is certainly why we’ve partnered with several large restoration & insurance companies and are assembling teams of 200 individuals with a range of skills and expertise amounts to start the effort when the conditions permit.

To let you know that we’re here to help if the current fires have impacted you: We can assist you to locate new employment or supply you with a temporary office space to work from if your business operations were affected.

To ask for your aid in rebuilding and restoring Fort McMurray.

We desire hardworking individuals who are comfortable living and operating from a camp near Fort McMurray.

If you’ve lost your job because of the fires, please let us know. We’ll give you precedence to enable you to get back to work and rebuild the community.
If there’s anything else we can do to help please reach out.

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