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Category: Class Actions

Class Action proceedings occur when a group of individuals experience a common problem, and then pool their legal resources to pursue a claim against a large defendant. At Higgerty Law we rely on a team of legal professionals and qualified experts, to achieve the optimal results for our clients. We routinely work with co-counsel from across Canada, and oftentimes the United States as well, in order to facilitate an effective process for handling each case.

A Class Action is an Action on behalf of a Class or group of individuals who have encountered the same problem or issue. Courts have sanctioned Class Actions because they allow for a number of Claims to be processed economically. A “class action” is a legal procedure whereby many claimants, who have been harmed in a similar manner and by a similar party, pool together and press their claim as one. Class action suits are most appropriate in cases where it would be too expensive for plaintiffs to press their claims individually. In the normal course, a “representative plaintiff” is nominated. This plaintiff is one whose case will speak for that of the whole class.

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