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Higgerty Law: Personal Injury Law Recovery & Entitlement


Category: Personal Injury

Two of the most common questions we get asked when it comes to dealing with Personal Injury Law cases are: How long will the recovery process take & How much am I entitled to? Patrick Higgerty, principal counsel at Higgerty Law, answers these questions for viewers.

We believe in personal responsibility. If people or companies injure others through negligence they should be accountable for the losses. That is fair, that is just, and that accountability not only provides for the needs of the injured but also makes our communities safer. Our law firm therefore, is dedicated to helping accident and medical malpractice victims gain fair compensation for their injuries. Patrick B Higgerty, the firm’s founder and principal lawyer, has argued for over 30 years for just that purpose.

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Higgerty Law: Personal Injury Law
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