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Looking for a Calgary Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer?


Confused about your Dismissal? Was it Legal or Wrongful Dismissal? KNow your rights BEFORE you agree anything! They often suggest you review the contract with a lawyer, yet few employees do.

It’s often suggested to not even talk to HR until you’ve been reviewed your rights by a labour lawyer.

Are you confused about your work dismissal? Was it legal? Or did they simply take advantage of a loophole? Common questions asked:
1. What’s the difference between termination for termination “without cause” and “just cause”
2. Explain to me “just cause”?
3. What’s the difference between “severance” & “reasonable notice”
4. If a dismissal is without cause, what’s the scope of reasonable notice that an employee is entitled to receive?
5. If I’m a member of a union, do my rights change?


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