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Tax Implications of Divorce and Separation Canada


Category: Family Law

Divorce and separation can be difficult. In between painful legal proceedings and division of assets, tax implications are often the last thing on your mind. No matter how divorce and separation have impacted you, this video will show you their tax implications.

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Table of Contents

00:36 — After Tax Cost of Assets When Splitting
02:00 — Don’t Cash in RRSPs
02:38 — Update CRA About Your Single Status
03:38 — Splitting Properties
04:28 — Claim Your Legal Fees
04:49 — Eligible Dependent Credits For Children

About the Author — Allan Madan — Accountant Mississauga Oakville

Allan Madan is a Chartered Accountant and a Tax Expert in the Toronto, Oakville and Mississauga regions of Ontario, Canada.

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The information provided in this video is intended to provide general information. The information does not take into account your personal situation and is not intended to be used without consultation from accounting and financial professionals. Allan Madan and Madan Chartered Accountant will not be held liable for any problems that arise from the usage of the information provided in this video.

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