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Woman’s Arm and Legs Amputated After Dog Bite Infection – Know your rights

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Christine Caron from Ottawa, Canada had been playing tug of war with her pet dogs on May 22nd of this year when one of the pooches nipped her hand. Due to bacterium from dogs, she encountered a very rare case of septic shock and was forced to have both her legs and left arm amputated.

You never know when simple, day-to-day activities can turn life threatening.

49-year-old, Christine Caron from Ottawa, Canada was playing with her dogs on May 22nd of this year when one of the pets, Buster nipped at her hand.

Although Buster backed off, the other dogs licked Caron’s hand. She didn’t give the incident a second thought until three days later when she was taken to the hospital. Her wound had become infected with a bacterium that is commonly found in a dog’s saliva. Caron was in a coma for over a month.

Sadly, both her legs and left arm had to be amputated.

Caron was in the middle of a career change at the time of the injury, so she has no job or insurance to cover the costs of the medical expenses. Her family is raising funds to pay her medical bills and for home renovations which will include the installation of wheelchair ramps and lifts.

Caron stated “I have to move forward because I have four kids that still need a mom. I’m not the type of person that wants to curl up and die. I want to live.”

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Know your legal rights when you are a victim of someone else’s dog.

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